Embodied Spatial Practices

It is necessary to unlearn space in order to embody space.⁠
It is necessary to unlearn how we see in order to see with our bodies.⁠
It is necessary to unlearn knowledge of our body in three dimensions in order to recover the real dimensionality of our body. ⁠
Let’s dance space.⁠
Let’s re-space our bodies.⁠
Let’s celebrate the felt feeling of presence.
- Olafur Eliasson (The Parliament of possibilities)

The act of space making enables one to experience different frameworks of reality and make way for future world building practices.

Unworlding Performance
: We will immerse ourselves in immersive elemental environments to dematerialize societal and environmental distortions through performative movement and begin to un/measure bodies and environments.

Embodying Phenomena : Tapping into Immaterial forces (like static,gravity, light, smell, silence, heat etc) through movement, intuition and haptic senses we measure them in innovative ways as starting points for embodied spatial explorations. Synchronizing with presence without a material body. This phenomenological view of the context helps us see the problems through a new lens. Transcending toward an undivided space embodying limitless possibilities and new ways of being.

Material Somatics : Expanding our imagination and experimenting with hybrid material cultures, bio materials, mixed media ; we begin to embed curiosity in everyday spatial tools of wonder and change.

Performing Thresholds : This design investigates inventive ways of facade encasements in contemporary Art and Architecture. We will aim to enhance the essence of intangible / immaterial forces to bring more awareness to our environment. Design spaces that act as aesthetic frameworks for indwelling questions and sensitizing systems of care, belonging, and empathy towards an equitable material future.

Credit : unown space

Learning Outcome :

Adopting a performative and multi-modal lens to design pedagogy : Designers and Artists develop the ability to recognize their own conditioning by designing spatial environments focusing on sociocultural, ecological, and multi-sensory approaches to foster collective empathy and equitable spaces for the future.

Driving Innovation : Collective experiences of belonging, empathy and societal healing by reconfiguring time and space to develop innovative designs.

Slowing down spatial/architectural production : Making spaces with care, thoughtfulness and the planet in perspective.


1 :  Art of Observing

  • Story Telling - Communal Sharing / Healing

  • Context (environmental or societal distortions)

  • Cultural Cosmologies

2 : Dematerialize environment through movement

  • Use performance as a tool for unlearning / un-worlding 

  • Un-measure the body (subjective/objective)

  • Dematerialize

Image Reference : guggenheim museum

3 : Embodying Phenomena

  • Tune into Immaterial Forces

(ephemeral environments)

4 : Rasa / Essence

  • Study Force Fields

  • Sensory perceptions and documentation.

5 : Sense beings

  • Abstraction / Forms of Knowledge.

  • Collage of hybrid sensory protagonist/s.

  • Build an Immediate space for care / collectivity.

Image Right : Patricia Reed

6. Measurements

  • Re-inventing Measuring Devices

7 : Movement, function and Visibility

  • Performing movement and studying the aesthetic of function and visibility.


Image Credit : Sandberg institute.

Site : MET’s American Wing Glass Facade.
Design Object : Facade Panels.
Designing new ways of encasing Art and Life in contemporary Art and Architecture.

Image : Tadao Ando & Hdm Eberswalde Technical School Library.

8 : Enactments (field visit at The MET)

  • Film documentation of enactments on site or otherwise.

  • Museum facade / Art Encasements (Exhibition Design).

  • Indoor + Outdoor (in between space)

9 : Mapping

  • Critically thinking about the conceptual narrative of the work.

  • Framing the Question. Title of your design / spatial investigation.

10 : Material Somatics

  • Bio material / found objects.

Five Decades, 2019, Suzanne Jackson

11 : Structural design

  • Diagrams, Drawings and quick mocks.

12: Prototyping the model

  • Procuring materials

  • Building strategy

13 : Technique / Craft refinement

  • Building and documentation of the process

14 : Place making and Choreography

  • Performing thresholds

15 : Final presentation

  • Performance of the tool.

Design Outcomes and Deliverables :

  1. A Performance Film

  2. Art/Design strategy (Diagrams / Drawings)

  3. Final Designed Facade Prototype.

Theory References :

  1. Ways of Seeing by John Berger

  2. Haunted Bauhaus, Elizabeth Otto

  3. Bodybuilding, RoseLee Goldberg

  4. Technic and Magic: The Reconstruction of Reality, Federico Campagna

  5. Immaterialism : https://monoskop.org/images/4/40/Flusser_Vilem_Immaterialism_2015.pdf

  6. Phenomenal Consciousness https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/psychology/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01041/full

  7. Seen / Unseen Seminar : https://web.mit.edu/unseen/schedule.html

  8. Advaita Vedanta : https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/shankara/

  9. Shoonya Ghar, Sudarshan Shetty

  10. More than Human

  11. Material Reform, Building for a post carbon future / Alto University BioMaterial Lab book.

  12. Robin Evans, Translations from Drawing to Building and other Essays -Figures, Doors and Passages.

  13. Ways of Curating, Hans Ulrich Obrist

Performance References :

-Vito Acconci, Reading & Performance.

-Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field

-Nikita Gale’s “Tempo Rubato (Stolen Time), Whitney Biennial 2024.

-Laurie Anderson-Chalkroom.

-Marcel Duchamp, 3 Standard Stoppages

Design References :

  1. George Rickey, wall-reliefs : https://www.kasmingallery.com/content/feature/3275/42701/

  2. Imi Knoebel

  3. Fred Sandback

  4. Marian Zezeela, Artist Space

Site Visits :

  1. MET

  2. Storefront for Art and Architecture.


Upcoming debut of "Transcendental Phenomenology"

︎︎︎ In New York City, WantedDesign, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at the Javits Center, May 19-21, 2024.

︎︎︎ In Paris, Maison&Objet - September 05-09, 2024.

︎︎︎On going screenings at The Kitchen Video Viewing Room: Millennium Film Workshop Open Screenings

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unown is a transdisciplinary design practice working at the intersection of architecture, performance art and philosophical inquiries. We build environments focusing on sociocultural, ecological and multisensory approaches to foster collective empathy and equitable futures.

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- Kitchen Evolution, Presented at WIA, AIA Centre for Architecture New York, Nov 2023
- Kitchen Evolution, Exhibited by The Kitchen NYC, curated by Alison Burstein,
Joe Wakeman, Executive Director, Millennium Film Workshop
, July 2023
- Exhibition Design for Rhizomeat Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya CSMVS, May 2023
- Kitchen Evolution Distributed by Mubi, March 2023
- Film screening and Panel Discussion of Kitchen Evolution at THE TANK NYC(off-Broadway theater),SAWCC, 2022-23
- Kitchen Evolution Book published by uninterrupted us, distributed by Printed Matter, 2022
- Film Festival selection at New filmmakers New York, Nov 2022