The Undivided Space

We craft metaphysical spaces that enable individuals to transcend conventional frameworks of time and space, inhabiting these sensorial phenomenological environments help cultivate heightened awareness of our actions and their environmental impact transcending the body toward an undivided space fostering alternative equitable material futures. The current research dwells in “the undivided space" by investigating immaterial practices across cultures. Building with intangible materialities would act as aesthetic frameworks for indwelling questions in the sciences, spatio-cultural and material innovations.

The current series, titled "Transcendental Phenomenology," consists of five sculptural furniture pieces acting as thresholds to transcend into unknown, undivided space. Designed as domestic intergalactic vehicles, they allow us to travel through time and space into a dimensionless realm. The premise of “the undivided space” allows people to fragment existing spatial norms by un-worlding / undoing / unowing capitalist, patriarchal, environmental, colonial et al. allowing synchronous programmatic spaces enabling new forms of cultures around bodily spaces, intimate domestic to urban spaces.

The process delves into phenomenological embodiment, material somatics, and performing thresholds to transcend and embody infinity. The sculptures are multi-sensory, designed for the body to append in space, performing thresholds with environmental phenomenological embodiments like sun embodiment, transient knowledge through the sculpture titled “Light and Body Matter,” movement and camouflaging of space through the sculpture titled “Table on a Walk,” gestating and reproducing knowledge through “Embodying Silence,” breathing body, and disintegrating body through “ChAir.” Immersing oneself in infinite and undivided space awakens awareness to the Elixir. (eternal time, anant kaal) . Jantar Mantar in New Delhi is a great example for reference, it's an astronomical instrument to experience time and space differently, to distort and reappear in a new light.

During this research, I aim to delve into the historical text of "Advaita Vedanta" to construct a philosophical framework for designing "The Undivided Space." and seek to start new conversations about immaterial practices across cultures. The beginnings in exploration of immaterial infinite beings would involve studying intangible materialities, seeking presence in immaterial immeasurable forms, and building with immateriality for new perspectives and findings to emerge. Examining the immateriality, invisibility and indivisibility of various states. This research aims at weaving metaphysical, socio-cultural, ecological, and political elements to foster collective empathy. In order to explore new embodiments of space and time I want to study immaterial states of the mind and body.

The material that is embodied by my presence,
to the material that is embodied by my body,
to the materials that are embodied by my domestic,
to the materialities that are embodied by the urban,
to the materials that are embodied by the environment,
to the presence without a material body.

Research Details :
The fabrication of “the undivided space”, using materials like mirror, glass, water, and light, aims to craft visually ephemeral prototypes of time and spatial portals. These installations, optically charged and disorienting, aim to build an egalitarian undivided space embodying infinity. Collapsing Environmental and material illusions crescending to a ground zero state of the built environment, an undivided immaterial state. This opportunity will enable me to manifest radical imaginations, designing spaces for abundance and fostering dialogue on equitable material futures in this context.

To dissolve all walls,
to allow for fragmentation of thought, dissolution.
To build for immateriality,
for new worlds to emerge. 
To seek presence in absence (programmatically),
To stay still,
to think.

The focus aims to weave metaphysical, socio-cultural, ecological, and political elements to foster collective empathy. Metaphysical spaces are envisioned to enhance present awareness, addressing biases, and fostering shared material cultures. The practice explores new ways to transcend time and space, seeking presence in immaterial forms, allowing for radical imaginations.

Examples include collective kitchens and hybrid utensils designed for equitable food ecosystems and discussions around domestic and collective labor.


Upcoming debut of "Transcendental Phenomenology"

︎︎︎ In New York City, WantedDesign, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at the Javits Center, May 19-21, 2024.

︎︎︎ In Paris, Maison&Objet - September 05-09, 2024.

︎︎︎On going screenings at The Kitchen Video Viewing Room: Millennium Film Workshop Open Screenings

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unown is a transdisciplinary design practice working at the intersection of architecture, performance art and philosophical inquiries. We build environments focusing on sociocultural, ecological and multisensory approaches to foster collective empathy and equitable futures.

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- Kitchen Evolution, Presented at WIA, AIA Centre for Architecture New York, Nov 2023
- Kitchen Evolution, Exhibited by The Kitchen NYC, curated by Alison Burstein,
Joe Wakeman, Executive Director, Millennium Film Workshop
, July 2023
- Exhibition Design for Rhizomeat Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya CSMVS, May 2023
- Kitchen Evolution Distributed by Mubi, March 2023
- Film screening and Panel Discussion of Kitchen Evolution at THE TANK NYC(off-Broadway theater),SAWCC, 2022-23
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