Light and Body Matter

Size : 2.4 feet x 6 feet fabric.

Medium :  Hand woven Zari organza, Copper coil, Steel framing, Heated steel coiling, Sappanwood natural pigment, Foam, Silk and cotton thread, Pearls, Sunlight.

Performance : Close eyes. Align tool being with your forehead and in line with the sun's position. Note the sun's appearance time. Next day, close your eyes, stand before the object at the same minute. Witness the sun's mass birthing space through its memory (afterimage). Experience presence. Inhabited by the bodily senses, enamored by the skin.

A multisensory fabric screen designed to experience light, birth and transformation of space.

Light and body matter is a tool for meditation that facilitates the birth of space within the body through the experience of light.The tool frames this birth, with the sun’s imprint (afterimage) on the mind’s eyes. Sun’s mass and its rays pass through the skin of one’s body’s mind.

The coils represent sun producing sounds of the duration of time by enhancing the sounds of the atmosphere. The clouds resemble the passing of light, time, and different states of the mind . The composition's middle part allows inhabiting various spatial environments, ranging from domestic surfaces to the vastness of the cityscape, and vice versa, 24 suns and lastly prescense of a human body. Descending towards the sunset, one immerses into the absence of light and into the unconscious state of life to be reborn again. Time is therefore tied in a cyclic framework.


Upcoming debut of "Transcendental Phenomenology"

︎︎︎ In New York City, WantedDesign, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at the Javits Center, May 19-21, 2024.

︎︎︎ In Paris, Maison&Objet - September 05-09, 2024.

︎︎︎On going screenings at The Kitchen Video Viewing Room: Millennium Film Workshop Open Screenings

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unown is a transdisciplinary design practice working at the intersection of architecture, performance art and philosophical inquiries. We build environments focusing on sociocultural, ecological and multisensory approaches to foster collective empathy and equitable futures.

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- Kitchen Evolution, Presented at WIA, AIA Centre for Architecture New York, Nov 2023
- Kitchen Evolution, Exhibited by The Kitchen NYC, curated by Alison Burstein,
Joe Wakeman, Executive Director, Millennium Film Workshop
, July 2023
- Exhibition Design for Rhizomeat Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya CSMVS, May 2023
- Kitchen Evolution Distributed by Mubi, March 2023
- Film screening and Panel Discussion of Kitchen Evolution at THE TANK NYC(off-Broadway theater),SAWCC, 2022-23
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- Film Festival selection at New filmmakers New York, Nov 2022